What We Do

Supporting Local CASA Programs


Texas CASA creates and oversees a statewide marketing campaign to increase public awareness, recruit volunteers and reinforce local marketing efforts with billboards, radio, television and social media advertisements.


Texas CASA collaborates with stakeholders, the state child welfare system, and elected officials to ensure public policies focus on issues affecting children and families in child protective services.


Texas CASA brings the CASA network and the child welfare community together to educate and inform for a better understanding of the system and the existing needs of children and families involved in foster care.


Texas CASA provides access to
information, training and technical assistance so that local CASA programs may continue to grow their efforts to ensure children and youth are safe and supported.


Texas CASA is a trusted partner that identifies, disperses, administers and manages federal, state and private funds. We help to ensure the local CASA programs effectively utilize the funding to achieve their missions.


Texas CASA provides innovative trainings, mentorship and resources that build strong local CASA program board members, executive directors and staff so that they may better serve children and families.

Our impact

Check out the FY23 Impact Report to see how Texas CASA worked to connect the CASA network and statewide partners in Fiscal Year 2023.

Read our
FY23 Impact Report


Texas CASA works to make sure that the voices of children in the child welfare system are heard not only in the courts but also at the Texas Capitol. Texas CASA engages in legislative advocacy efforts to better enable CASA volunteers to serve these children through the promotion of public policies.

“Texas’ children will always need a strong advocate by their side, and Texas will continue to look to CASA to help lead that effort. Nothing is more important to our great state than the future of our children.”
Governor Greg Abbott


Research shows that reunification with their family of origin, when safe and possible, is the best outcome for children. Families become involved with the child welfare system during a time of crisis and need support from everyone within the system and their community to heal. By helping to create connections and support, we work to ensure that children and families have the opportunity to thrive.


Returned Home


Adoption (Relative)


Emancipation, Age Out


Custody to Relative


Adoption (Non-relative)



In FY21, 81% of children with a CASA were returned home, had custody granted to a relative, or were adopted by a relative.


Read our
FY23 Impact Report

Highlights how Texas CASA works to connect the CASA network and statewide partners to proactively work towards our shared vision of a safe and positive future for all Texas children and families.