Community-Based Care Updates

The Department of Family and Protective Services awarded contracts in Region 3E (Metroplex East), Region 4 (Piney Woods), and Region 5 (Deep East) earlier this year. In a new effort to expedite Community-Based Care transition, Regions 3E, 4, and 5 are scheduled to go live in Stage II six months after going live in Stage 1. These three regions will begin Stage II start-up while going live in Stage I.

  • Region 3E – EMPOWER
    • Stage I go-live: September 1, 2023
    • Stage II go-live: March 2024
  • Region 4 – 4Kids4Families
    • Stage I go-live: November 1, 2023
    • Stage II go-live: May 2024
  • Region 5 – Texas Family Care Network
    • Stage I go-live: November 1, 2023
    • Stage II go-live: May 2024

Additionally, Requests for Applications (RFAs) for Region 6A (Harris County), Region 6B (Bay Area/Montgomery), Region 8A (Bexar County), and Region 10 (El Paso) will be released in 2024. It is projected that 80% of youth and kids in care will be under Community-Based Care by the end of FY25.

Read the latest Office of Community-Based Care Transition Implementation Status Report here. The Office of Community-Based Care is continuously hosting town halls and Community Readiness Meetings. For information regarding these meetings, go to the Community-Based Care News & Events webpage.

Read the newly updated Community-Based Care Guidebook here. If you have any questions for the Public Policy Team, email and we will find the best person to respond to your inquiry.