Community-Based Care Updates

Texas CASA recently published the 3rd Edition of our Community-Based Care Guide. This guide is a resource that is available to all CASA programs whether you are a part of the Community-Based Care system or the legacy system.

This fall, we have three new Single Source Continuum Contractors (SSCCs) going live in Stage I of Community-Based Care. Additionally, these regions will begin Stage II start-up while going live in Stage I. In a new effort to expedite the transition to Community-Based Care, these regions are projected to go live in Stage II six months after going live in Stage 1.

Additionally, Requests for Applications (RFAs) for Region 6A (Harris County), Region 6B (Bay Area/Montgomery), Region 8A (Bexar County), and Region 10 (El Paso) will be released this fall. It is projected that 80% of youth and kids in care will be under Community-Based Care by the end of FY25.

During our recent Community-Based Care Webinar, the Office of Community-Based Care Transition announced that they are aiming to begin Stage III implementation by November 2023. In Stage III, we will begin to see financial incentives and disincentives for permanency outcomes and additional performance measures for child safety and well-being. SSCCs will be eligible for Stage III implementation 18 months after going live in Stage II. Currently, Region 1 (Saint Francis Ministries), Region 2 (2Ingage), and Region 3W (Our Community Our Kids) are eligible for Stage III implementation. Region 8b (Belong) will be eligible in April 2024.

We look forward to keeping the CASA network informed and supported during this transition while working together to ensure the successful implementation of Community-Based Care.