CFE Tracking in Optima

Using Optima, programs can now track CFE related activities following the 4 C’s: Collaborate, Cultivate, Convene and Connect. First review the criterion for CFE tracking below followed by more details on each of the 4 C’s.

CFE Community Call: Optima

The CFE team presented on CFE tracking in Optima covering how to enter CFE trainings into Optima and what activities to record for each of the 4 C’s.

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Criterion for CFE Case & Optima Training

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4 C’s Hand Outs

Check out each one-pager for more details including what does each C look like, how to enter it in Optima and frequently asked questions. You can also download all four PDFs here.


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CFE team meeting, transfer staffing, initial coordination meeting or any “meeting” amongst the CFE team that occurs in person, virtually, via email chain, phone call or at court, etc.— where a case is discussed, and information is shared between CASA and CPS/SSCC.


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Three or more of any of the CFE tools have been attempted or completed with/for child, parent, and family/fictive kin. Of the three tools, at least one tool needs to be attempted with/for child, and one tool with a parent.


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Family meetings may include FGC, PC, COS, or any other family meeting (formal or informal) in which family/fictive kin are invited.


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Activities that, through the work of CFE, occurred between a child and their network member/s, and/or parent and their network member/s, such as phone calls, email, letter, text, video calls or visits. Network members may include kin, fictive kin, siblings and people from other areas of support for the child or family. Activities can happen in person, virtually or via correspondence.