Internal Controls

Financial control is one of the greatest areas of risk in any program. To help determine if adequate segregation of duties exists and if financial control practices are aligned with financial policy, use the Internal Controls Questionnaire FY19 Internal Controls Questionnaire and the Segregation of Accounting Duties Flowchart. If your program uses credit or debit cards, make sure your card policies reflect your … Read More

Indicators of Compliance Manual

The Indicators of Compliance Manual includes a sample document for each of the required policies and plans submitted to Texas CASA prior to a quality assurance review. Download The Indicators Of Compliance Manual

Child Protective Services Handbook & Policies

The Child Protective Services Handbook contains the policies and procedures that govern CPS practices from reports of abuse to family group decision making to adoption and transitioning youth. The handbook is indexed by topic and stage of the case and is searchable.  With each policy, there is a link to the administrative code and state and federal statutes from which it derives. You can sign up … Read More