CFE Tracking in Optima

Using Optima, programs can now track CFE related activities following the 4 C’s: Collaborate, Cultivate, Convene and Connect. First review the criterion for CFE tracking below followed by more details on each of the 4 C’s. CFE Community Call: Optima The CFE team presented on CFE tracking in Optima covering how to enter CFE trainings into Optima and what activities … Read More

ODM Lightning Setup Instructions

Salesforce is transitioning to Salesforce Lightning, a newly designed platform. CASA staff logging on to the ODM will need to follow the instructions in the ODM Lightning Setup document to transition to the new platform. Questions can be directed to Database Administrator Suzanne Alston at view now

ODM Lightning Training

View Now The CASA network in Texas will transition to Salesforce Lightning for our ODM at the end of 2022, which is a more intuitive version of Salesforce. Suzanne Alston provides this online training on using the new Salesforce Lightning to ease the transition. The webinar has been broken out by topic, and includes how to access grant information, RFRs, … Read More

Optima Data Management Toolkit

Optima Data Management Guide The Optima Data Management Guide defines two types of Optima data, identifies common reports, lists basic data definitions, addresses Optima rules, describes recommended practices—all in an effort to create and ensure uniformity, consistency and accuracy in our data management practices across the state. VIEW NOW Additionally, you can check out the Texas CASA Custom Report Tip … Read More