Leadership In Public Policy

Texas CASA is a leader in working to assure sound public policies in Texas on issues affecting the child welfare system, the well-being of children, and youth in state custody and other policy areas related to our mission.

Along with the local CASA programs and their volunteers, Texas CASA engages in a variety of efforts to study, develop and change public policies. Additionally, Texas CASA staff members conduct research, collaborate with other advocacy and stakeholder groups, lead special task forces, and engage in other processes to develop and impact policy.

89th Legislative Session

After surveying local CASA staff and volunteers to get their legislative ideas, the Texas CASA Board approved the following priorities. The Public Policy team will support legislation and work on policy issues in each of these areas during the 89th Legislative Session and will develop more specific policy recommendations under each priority area as legislation is filed.

Latest Public Policy Updates

Legislative Advocacy Teams (LATs)

Legislative Advocacy Teams (LATs) work with Texas CASA and their local CASA programs to build relationships with legislators, develop policy agendas to improve the child welfare system in partnership with Texas CASA, and motivate and empower others in their program to advocate for those improvements. LATs are led by volunteer advocates and/or board members, and work with staff liaisons in each CASA program.

As a part of a LAT, CASA volunteers are able to advocate for children on a larger scale and work toward solutions to systemic problems they encounter in their role. This gives them the chance to be a voice of change not only for the children they serve, but for every child in the child protection system!






Office visits during
CASA Day at the
Capitol 2023



Bills tracked
during the 88th
Legislative Session

Legislative Session Priorities & Outcomes


1. Texas CASA supports policies that preserve families, promote family reunification when possible, and minimize the time children spend in foster care.

2. Texas CASA supports funding and policies that provide a child access to safe, stable placements in their community that meet their individual need and support their permanency goals.

3. Texas CASA supports funding and policies that further support and encourage placement with relative caregivers.

4. Texas CASA supports funding and policies that improve services and supports for older youth in foster care, and older youth exiting foster care.

5. Texas CASA supports continued funding for local CASA programs.

  • Maintain the current appropriation of $31.9M in the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) bill pattern.
  • Maintain the current state appropriation for Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) funds.
  • Maintain the current appropriation of $643,600 for Family
    Finding/Collaborative Family Engagement in the Department of Family and Protective Services bill pattern.