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TBRI® 101: A Self-Guided Course in Trust-Based Relationships

TBRI® 101: A Self-Guided Course in Trust-Based Relationships is a series of self-paced, whiteboard-style video lessons. This course offers an informal, yet thorough approach to Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, an evidence-based intervention for children from hard places of abuse, neglect, and/or trauma. Over nearly eight hours of instruction, Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross guide the viewer through the principles and strategies of TBRI® and offer practical tips for implementation. Currently only Part 1 that covers Understanding Trauma, TBRI® Empowering Principles and Connecting Principles is available for CASA programs.

PART I | Ch. 1-3

Part 2 | Ch. 4-5

Ch. 4: Correcting Principles
Ch. 5: TBRI Portraits

Ch. 1: Understanding Trauma

A. An Introduction to TBRI® (15:46 minutes)

B. Complex Developmental Trauma (46:46 minutes)

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Ch. 2: Empowering Principles

A. Bodies & Brains: Regulating the Body (25:07 minutes)

B. Bodies & Brains: Seeing it in Action (25:03 minutes)

C. Bodies & Brains: Nourishing the Body (26:26 minutes)

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Ch. 3: Connecting Principles

 A. Mindfulness (39:06 minutes)

B. Engagement Strategies (33:35 minutes)

C. Giving Voice (32:00 minutes)

D. Healing Touch (27:39 minutes)

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A. The IDEAL Response

A1. The IDEAL Response: Overview (8:05 minutes)

A2. The IDEAL Response: In Action (1:41 minutes)

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B. Behavioral Scripts: levels of Response™

B1. Behavioral Scripts: Level of Response™ (11:48 minutes)

B2. Level 1: Playful Engagement (1:54 minutes)

B3. Level 2: Structured Engagement (1:46 minutes)

B4. Level 3: Calming Engagement (2:40 minutes)

B5. Level 4: Protective Engagement (2:24 minutes)

B6. Levels of Response™: Reconnection After Correction (4:04 minutes)

B7. Levels of Response™:  Nurture Group Example 1 (55 seconds)

B8. Levels of Response™: Nurture Group Example 2 (1:44 minutes)

B9. Levels of Response™: Light Switch Example (2:26 minutes)

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c. Life Value Terms


C. Life Value Terms (24:37 minutes)

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D. Advanced Behaviors


D1. Proactive Strategies (26:55 minutes)

D2. Responsive Strategies (33:21 minutes)

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E. Advanced IDEAL Response

E. Advanced IDEAL Response: Internalizing Behaviors (29:28 minutes)

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Ch. 5: TBRI Portraits


A. The Jones Family’s Story (26:55 minutes)

B. The Aguayo Family’s Portrait (33:21 minutes)

C. The Christensen Family’s Story (26:55 minutes)

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