Clergy, CASA & Community Toolkit

The Clergy, CASA and Community initiative convened a leadership team comprised of faith community leaders, DFPS and CASA program staff from around the state. Over the last two years, the Clergy and CASA Advisory Council has provided input and recommendations for guidebooks, promotional materials and training resources to inspire faith communities with the CASA mission and support them in becoming involved with local CASA programs. From this guidance, we developed the Guide to Faith-Based Recruitment for CASA Programs and A Call for Faith Leaders, a guide specifically for community faith leaders as well as a one-pager providing a high level overview of the initiative. These materials will be tested by three local programs along with ongoing support and coaching from Texas CASA as part of a year-long pilot program developed by the Clergy and CASA Advisory Council.

Clergy, CASA & Community Handout

This double sided one-page handout provides a main overview of the initiative. It gives the important details on The Need, The Results and how faith communities can establish a meaningful relationship with CASA.

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A Guide to Faith-Based Recruitment for CASA Programs

This guide for engaging faith-based communities is a toolkit of checklists, suggestions and resources for how to recruit and support partners from the faith-based community in your local area, in order to strengthen your CASA program and strengthen the networks of support for vulnerable children and their families.

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A Call for Faith Leaders

This guide provides details for faith leaders and covers what the initiative is, why it is needed, the role of CASA and the role of the faith community.

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Stand Sunday

On this day, faith communities across the state of Texas are invited to pray for children and families involved in the foster care system. To help promote Stand Sunday we’ve created a media release template and a prayer card to distribute to faith organizations.

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