Court Order Suggested Wording

Guardian Ad Litems are given the authority to share limited information obtained through their appointment according to Texas Family Code 107.002, such as the CASA report and the basis of their recommendations. However, the statute does not specifically address informal conversations with the parties.

The Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Family and Protective Services and CASA only addresses information DFPS is to share with CASA.

Neither the Texas Family Code nor the DFPS Memorandum of Understanding addresses communications by a CASA for those appointed as a Friend of the Court.

Whether appointed as a GAL or a Friend of the Court, the suggested language below may be added to the order appointing CASA to a case to clarify the ability to share information with the parties.

Suggested language to add in the court order appointing CASA:

• “The Court grants CASA ability to share information with parties to the suite on a regular basis or as needed.”

• “The CASA representative shall maintain information received from any source as confidential and will not disclose this information except to the Court or appropriate parties in this cause.” Source: Dallas CASA

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