Community-Based Care Webinar

Texas CASA recently partnered with the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services and the Office of Community-Based Care Transition to host an informational webinar about Community-Based Care (CBC) for all local CASA programs. As CBC implementation progresses and responsibilities continue to shift, we want to ensure the CASA network stays fully informed throughout the process. This webinar provides information … Read More

88th Legislative Session Wrap-Up Webinar

Texas CASA recently hosted a webinar to provide an overview of the key takeaways from the 88th Legislative Session for the CASA network. This webinar kicks off the Public Policy Team’s Post-Session Tour of Texas Training Series. This information is applicable to all local CASA program staff and volunteers. In these trainings, you can expect a candid, interactive discussion about … Read More

Legislative Advocacy Teams Training for the 88th Legislative Session

Texas CASA has been conducting a series of in-person Legislative Advocacy Team (LAT) Trainings over the last few months as the 88th Legislative Session quickly approaches. We have been discussing effective legislative advocacy, current hot policy topics, and legislative priorities for the upcoming session. Additionally, our Public Policy Team recently conducted a virtual LAT Training for programs that were unable … Read More

Overview of the 87th Legislature

This overview of the 87th legislative session and discusses legislative funding, passed Champion bills, newly passed legislation, and next steps for the Texas child welfare system after the 87th legislative session in Texas. 87th legislative session Part 1 87th legislative session Part 2

Normalcy Matters: A Guide to Supporting Children & Youth in Texas Foster Care

Texas CASA released the Normalcy Matters: A Guide to Supporting Children & Youth in Texas Foster Care with the hope that it will inform understanding of what normalcy is, why it matters, and the important role each of us plays in supporting and promoting normalcy for young people in the Texas child welfare system. This guidebook and companion video were … Read More