Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. To help your program make the most of this opportunity, Texas CASA has created a toolkit that contains a variety of resources, templates, media and community outreach tips, and more to further your program’s message. Please note that all resources include guidance on incorporating COVID-19 messaging where necessary.

Keeping Prevention & Awareness at the Forefront in the Midst of COVID-19

Child Abuse Prevention Month is our biggest opportunity to step up and educate our friends, families and neighbors about child abuse and neglect, and how we individually and collectively can help prevent it. But given the continued situation with COVID-19 and physical distancing, we are all having to find new, creative ways to safely do so.

Below are some ways CASA programs across the state are taking their Child Abuse Prevention Month fundraising and awareness activities online or making them physically distant. To get more details on some of these ideas or hear more ideas from recruiters across the state, listen to this Zoom chat. Plus, below you can find ideas specific to Go Blue Day and Blue Sunday.

  • Virtual ribbon campaign | Plan a virtual ribbon campaign fundraiser by selling virtual ribbons and creating an online ribbon wall. Check out CASA of Galveston County’s virtual ribbon wall.
  • Virtual 5K run | Participants pay their race fee to enter, and then run on their own during certain dates. They then send their activity log from a fitness tracking device, such as a watch or smartphone, to your CASA program. Check out this article on how to host a virtual race for ideas.
  • Online proclamation reading | Invite your county or city to read a proclamation for CAPM online, and invite your volunteers and other community members to attend virtually.
  • Virtual date night | Host a virtual date night fundraiser by inviting a local chef to give a cooking lesson. Give attendees a shopping list before the event so they can cook along with the chef.
  • Paint the town blue | If your town has a square of any collection of business, ask them to decorate their storefront windows to show awareness for CAPM. Team up with a local artist or school, or let the children you serve do some of the painting.
  • Sign display | Place signs or other objects in the courthouse lawn or other businesses to represent the number of kids in care in your community, e.g., t-shirt shaped signs, pinwheels, shoes, etc. Check out this display from CASA of the High Plains.
  • Volunteer recognition | Create a social media campaign showing your volunteers wearing blue and holding signs saying why they became a CASA volunteer. Check out this example from CASA of Hidalgo County.
  • T-shirt contest | Have your staff, volunteers or community submit a t-shirt design and have other volunteers or community members vote on their favorite. Have the t-shirts made and sell them to raise money for your program.
  • Fishing tournament | Make a reel difference. Check out CASA of Kids of South Central Texas’ Casting for CASA fundraising event.
  • Dance contest | Strap on your dance shoes and check out East Texas CASA’s annual Blue Jeans & Ball Gowns event.
  • Coins for CASA | Involve your local school by having classrooms collect coins. Reward the class that raises the most money with a pizza party.
  • Burger drive-thru | Sell burgers in a drive-thru fashion to your community. Work with local businesses to have ingredients donated.
  • Facebook photo frames| Ask your followers to add a CAPM frame to their Facebook profile picture. Create your own, or use a pre-made frame courtesy of CASA of Brazos Valley: Frame Option 1 | Frame Option 2 | Frame Option 3

In the midst of this crisis, we are committed to providing you the tools you need to continue to keep children, families and communities in Texas safe and healthy. For ongoing updates and general resources to support your program and the children and families you serve during this time, visit our COVID-19 webpage. For information on what we can all do to help prevent child abuse and neglect, read our CASA Voice Deep Dive.

The Need

Child abuse and neglect have a lasting negative impact on the victims, our society and our economy.

Check out the 2020 DFPS Data Book to find your county’s statistics. Programs can download complete data sets from fiscal year 2008-2019 on the Texas Open Data Portal.

Media Relations







Promotional Materials


Throughout Child Abuse Prevention Month, programs can promote their own apparel in order to boost fundraising. If your program does not have its own apparel, you can order from and promote the Texas CASA Online Store, Stand Up for Children in Style. The store features various types of apparel, and 100% of the proceeds go towards advocating for children and families throughout the state.

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Use the file below to create stickers and buttons to share our Less Me, More We initiative with your friends, family and community during Child Abuse Prevention Month. When printing stickers be sure to use Avery 2” Round Labels 22877.

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Social Media


We’ve developed a Child Abuse Prevention Month social media calendar, complete with images and links, for CASA programs to use to build their social media presence and get their community involved in prevention. Note: If you’re having trouble opening the linked Dropbox images, copy-paste the url into your web browser.

Download the social media calendar

NOTE: A correction was made to the April 2 post on 3/25/21.


Update your Facebook profile image during NCAPM by either clicking on one of the links or follow the directions below:

Frame 1 | Frame 2 | Frame 3 | Frame 4_Go Blue Day

For Personal Profile Pictures

  1. Go to or go to your profile page and click the camera button on your profile picture to Update Profile Picture, Add Frame.
  2. Under Choose a Frame, search NCAPM. The available frames will also say by Texas CASA, Inc.
  3. Select the frame of your choice.
  4. You can also make the frame temporary so that your original profile picture will return to normal afterwards. We recommend setting it for at least a week.

For Program Profile Pictures

  1. Go to
  2. Click your profile picture in the bottom left and select your Page (this is below the bar that says “Add a description…”)
  3. Under Choose a Frame, search NCAPM. The available frames will also say by Texas CASA, Inc.
  4. Select the frame of your choice.
  5. You can also make the frame temporary so that your original profile picture will return to normal afterwards.


Help us unite the CASA community this April by using the following hashtags on both Facebook and Twitter:


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Twitter Header Images

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Go Blue Day

Friday, April 9, 2021, is the official Go Blue Day for Texas; and thousands of Texans will wear blue, the official color of prevention, to show their support for ending child abuse. Wear CASA Blue on that day, and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same!

Go Blue Day is a great opportunity to perform outreach in the community to raise awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month and your program.

Ideas for engaging with the community in a virtual or physically distanced environment on Go Blue Day:

  • Ask businesses to wear blue, send a photo and post it on your social media accounts, tagging the business. Be sure to ask them to like the photo and share it on their accounts. Check out this example from Amarillo Area CASA.
  • Light the city blue. Ask businesses to turn their lights blue during the night of Go Blue Day.
  • Drop off brochures or flyers with information about your CASA program including contact information and next virtual training dates.
  • Team up with a local business to create a Go Blue Day item to sell or give away, e.g., collaborate with a local bakery to create Go Blue Day cookies and have proceeds donated to your program.
  • Advertise apparel if your CASA program sells apparel. You can also advertise the Texas CASA Online Store, Stand Up for Children in Style, explaining that 100% of the proceeds go towards advocating for children and families throughout the state.
  • Partner with other organizations in your area and collaborate on a Go Blue Day outreach activity.

Blue Sunday

Blue Sunday is an annual event where churches pray for the victims of child abuse and those who care for them. Originally starting with 20 churches, Blue Sunday has grown into an international effort with more than 2 million participants.

This year’s Blue Sunday is on April 25, 2021. It offers CASA programs a great opportunity to not only spread awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month but also share with members of the faith community how they can get involved with CASA.

Something to think about: Blue Sunday’s messaging is primarily targeted towards Christian churches. What can CASA do in the effort to be open and inclusive to all churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other diverse places of worship and communities that practice prayer? What might you offer to people who do not practice prayer, but who, in the spirit of Blue Sunday, would like to be mindful and keep these children in their thoughts?

Once you have identified various churches and places of worship, the next step is reaching out to them about participating in Blue Sunday. Ideally, your connection (a volunteer, board member or staff member) to the congregation would talk to the person with the clergy in charge.

Additional ways CASA programs can engage virtually or physically distanced with local places of worship include:

  • creating a Facebook event for Blue Sunday, inviting all faith communities to participate on their own – Check out this example from CASA of Brazos Valley,
  • addressing the congregation virtually about the role of a CASA volunteer, or
  • dropping off a brochure or bulletin board flyer.

Additional information and resources are available on the Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention Initiative website.

If you have any questions about the Child Abuse Prevention Month toolkit please contact Communications & Awareness Specialist Lindsey Lee at