CFE Tracking in Optima

Using Optima, programs can now track CFE related activities following the 4 C’s: Collaborate, Cultivate, Convene and Connect. First review the criterion for CFE tracking below followed by more details on each of the 4 C’s. CFE Community Call: Optima The CFE team presented on CFE tracking in Optima covering how to enter CFE trainings into Optima and what activities … Read More

Embedding CFE Assessment

In the interest of understanding which local CASA programs have embedded the practice of Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) and what they have done to accomplish this, Texas CASA completed an assessment in conjunction with the CFE team. The assessment took place in the first two quarters of FY 2022. Embeddedness was defined as integrating CFE practices and beliefs into many … Read More

CFE Postcard for Parents

This two-sided postcard for parents helps explain the crucial role parents play in the CFE process. The postcard is available in both English and Spanish and can be printed professional (with crop marks) or from your office. CFE Postcard English Printer Version CFE Postcard español Printer Version

Early CFE

About Early CFE ECFE is Collaborative Family Engagement done within the first 14 days before the adversary hearing, primarily by CASA. This CASA advocacy approach starts the work of building connections for children and families from the earliest point in the case. Through introduction of CFE engagement and connection tools, the CASA volunteer can ensure that the child remains connected … Read More

Meaningful Family Meetings: A CFE Facilitator’s Guide

This guide discusses the philosophy behind family meetings and how they are structured (and in which order), and offers tips for successful facilitation. Use this guide for inspiration and to strengthen your skills and vision as a facilitator of this important work. View Now Note: This is supplemental to the full Collaborative Family Engagement Manual, which you should read first.